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THE ULTIMATE STAINLESS STEEL EATING UTENSILS: If you are a big fan of camping with friends and family or simply love snacking on the go, then we got you covered. We have designed the finest camping eating utensils that will become your travel buddies from this day on and keep you fed no matter where you are, no matter what you are eating! Pure perfection right?

DURABLE STAINLESS STEEL CONSTRUCTION FLATWARE: Forget all those poorly made metal or plastic and easily broken kitchen cutlery and trust our durable and of high quality stainless steel utensils. Their rust proof and corrosion resistant properties will allow you to enjoy them for the many camping and lake fishing explorations have yet to come! The included Neoprene case wicks away moisture and prevents mildew from forming.

THE MOST VALUABLE YET LIGHTWEIGHT MESS KIT SET: Do not compromise with anything less than perfection when it comes to your eating flatware! Our mess kit consists of only the top 5 and most important cutlery for outdoor eating. The set comes with a soup spoon, a teaspoon, a cutting and buttering knife, a bottle and can opener and a fork of course. All them are nice and tidy in their storage pouch!

MUTLIPURPOSE & LIGHTWEIGHT TRAVEL FLATWARE: Tapirus travel flatware are meticulously designed to be extremely lightweight without risking quality of course. Carry them in their green washable case everywhere you go, keep an extra one in your backpack, one in the glove compartment and of course an extra one in your desk drawer for quick lunching in the office!

CAMPING KITCHEN UTENSILS WITH VERSATILE USES: You can now enjoy eating outdoors without jeopardizing your health anymore with this survival kit! Our stainless steel set can be easily carried along in all kinds of outdoor events. Is it camping, beach excursions or lake fishing? Maybe mountain hiking and trekking with friends? Or picnicking in the park with your beloved one? You name it and our flatware set will be right there to keep you full and happy!


Finally, Snacking On The Go Is Now A Reality With This Portable Eating Mess Kit!

Are you looking for effective ways to make camping a fun and an enjoyable experience? Are you extremely busy at work and you lunch outside the house most of the times? Do you need a scout flatware set for your little boy or girl?

If the answer to those questions is yes, then you should keep on reading because we have the greatest yet modern cutlery set for you!

Everything You Need In Order To Eat Outdoors Is Now Available In Our Set!

Keep the most useful 5 utensils in their Neoprene case and solve the problem of eating outdoors once and for all.

Made from durable stainless steel and bearing an ergonomic design you may rest assured that lunching has never been that easy.

The spoon will allow you to enjoy warm vegetable soups, beans, ice cream and delicious chocolate desserts! The teaspoon will become your tea’s swirling buddy while adding sugar or honey inside your beverages!

The multipurpose knife will help you cut your freshly caught fish, slice bread and spread butter on it or even cut ropes! The fork has the perfect size for grabbing salads, fruit, meat, roasted vegetables and anything else that comes in mind.

Use the can and bottle opener to enjoy a cool beer with your pals while gazing the breathtaking view from the top of the mountain!

Hassle Free Eating Everywhere You Are

Do you have a break for college lectures and you feel like eating outside? Are you traveling out of town and you really want to eat something in your car?

Well this 5 in 1 travel eating set is the way to go. Perfect for family excursions, hiking and fishing with friends, tailgating, open festivals, BBQ fiestas as well as park lunches!

What are you waiting for? Get your camping mess kit and one as a gift to your camping friend!

  1. 5 out of 5

    I do a lot of camping and hiking. I needed a set of utensils that were durable and easy to pack and carry. I originally ordered these utensils because of the case and clip. The clip is great for hooking onto backpacks or hanging the utensils up. The case makes it easy to keep the set together. After receiving these I was surprised by how well made these utensils were. Nothing flimsy about them. They are really well made and heavy duty. The knife is very sturdy and can even cut through a steak. I have been so impressed with these that I now even use them when backing my lunch.

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